Welcome to the Pennsylvania eFolio Initiative!

Welcome to eFolio Pennsylvania, a multimedia electronic portfolio management system designed to help you create a living showcase of your education, career and personal achievements. Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, the eFolioPA initiative is designed to address the needs of students, career-seekers and employers by implementing a statewide eFolio system which integrates educational, employment and economic development objectives.

All Pennsylvania residents and students enrolled at Pennsylvania educational institutions can use eFolio Pennsylvania to reach their career and education goals — free of charge!

The initiative will enable you to create customized web-based electronic portfolios to manage your education and plan your career. No longer will you need to sort through boxes and hard-drive files to find your best samples — they’re all in your eFolio.

Start now. It’s easy to design your eFolio to meet the specific interests of your target audiences. Access your eFolio at any time from anywhere to change or add content. Digitally document and share your education, employment history, activities, and goals with whomever you choose. . .whenever you want. It’s fun and easy!