eFolioPA Features

eFolioPA is the newest personal portfolio tool offered in the marketplace. Harnessing the latest developments in web technology and integrating with Web 2.0 functionality, eFolioPA will allow you to build a dynamic, fully-customized portfolio and help you store and organize your educational, career and personal data.

Features include:

Multi-media content respository. Upload images, videos, audio files and documents as artifacts to your eFolioPA. Add additional information, such as work history or coursework, using our content types. All content is automatically catalogued and searchable.

Organize your information. As your collection of content and artifacts grows, organize it with personal tags or keywords. What you need will always be at your fingertips!

Drag and drop build tools. Building web pages is easy using our drag and drop interface. Take content from your repository and place it onto a web page simply with a click and a drag.

Automatically-generated pages. Web site pages can be automatically generated in your eFolioPA based on content type or your own tags/keywords. These pages update automatically as you add or edit content.

Multiple sites for targeted audiences. Build multiple web sites all from one tool, targeting specific collections of content for specific audiences. Build one site for a specific job opportunity and another to display homework for a class you are taking — all with content from your eFolioPA repository.

Flexible security for your sites. Sites you create can be either available to the public or only accessible to invited visitors.

Manage site visitors. Visitors to your private sites are emailed information a link to your site and a unique username and password for access. Access rights can be changed with a click of your mouse. In addition, eFolioPA offers integration with Google Analytics to track how often your portfolio is viewed.

50MB of Storage Space. Each eFolioPA account comes with 50MB of storage space — only uploaded files, not information inputted through content types, count against your space allotment.

Support for custom code integration. Display YouTube videos, audio streams and other Web 2.0 services easily within your portfolio. eFolioPA uses object/imbed technology for fast integration without security headaches.

Easy content changes. eFolioPA’s audit log automatically tracks each change you make to your content repository. Use the audit log to undo edits or roll-back to previous versions of your content.

and much, much more!